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TAORMINA, ITALY - MAY 26: British Prime Minister Theresa May speaks at a press conference after attending the G7 summit on May 26, 2017 in Taormina, Italy. During the summit Prime Minister May urged governments and technology companies to help launch a crackdown on extremism on social media in an attempt to stop terrorism. (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

Because it is apparently bizarre o’clock everywhere in the world, or because the U.K. simply can’t stand to see a Twilight Zone reboot taking away some of the Black Mirror buzz, Prime Minister Theresa May has made an announcement. Saying that she “got the message” that there’s a desire for new leadership, she will leave her position if her proposal on Brexit passes.

Again … if her proposal on Brexit collects sufficient votes to pass Parliament, she will resign. Read that one more time. If the bill. That she is pushing. Passes. She will resign.

It’s not clear if this is meant to be incentive (i.e., “Yes, taking this action would be a disaster but at least you’ll be free of me!”) or a threat (i.e. … no, I can’t work that out), or is just motivated by a profound sense of simply wanting this thing to finally, finally end. Earlier on Wednesday, Bloomberg reported that May’s Brexit plan was gaining steam, since the E.U. has already made it clear that the options for the U.K. are either to accept the universally hated plan put forward by May, a plan not even May will confess to liking, or to be at the pointy end of a lot of ten-meter poles held by the rest of Europe. It’s unclear whether May’s take it-leave me offer will be enough to put the deal over the top.

Not quite stated would be the other end of this solidly ridiculous deal: If May’s bill goes down in flames, again, is she promising to ride the whole flaming mess down when the nation goes over the cliff in a “no-deal Brexit”? A series of votes are scheduled for Wednesday evening in the U.K., but none of them will be for the deal May is pushing.

And—wait … didn’t Trump just “win” something? Does he have to go now?

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